In 1950 two pioneering spirits invented a new All-Inclusive holiday concept. They dreamt of providing idyllic surroundings where people could get away from it all and relax. A new definition of luxury! Welcome to Club Méditerranée

Refined comfort that you can truly relax in. Services to take care of your children. An outstanding array of sports & activities to amuse you. Quality food from around the world to tantalise you. An atmosphere for every moment of the day. Everything. All Included.

Expert G.Os keep your children entertained and safe all day long. In our Children's Club, all activities are designed specifically to engage everyone from 4 months to 17 years. Your child's holiday will be all about playing, learning, growing up, and meeting new friends.

Welcome to the largest sports Academy in the whole world. If you're already a pro or just looking for a little more guidance try our inclusive sports lessons. Professional instructors and top-notch equipment will help you make the most of your experience.